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Here below you will find a list of various frequently garage door questions and their answers

Is it possible to automate an old garage door?

Yes. There are many choices for garage door openers out in the market and the equipment will allow you to automate an old manual garage door. However, there is no universal garage door opener that fits all garage doors. You will have to find one that’s compatible with your current door.

How much time do you need in order to repaint your fiberglass garage door?

Fiberglass garage doors have a more appealing look as they can be painted and stained. However, according to our garage door experts, repainting may be needed after one and a half years as the overhead door may start to look worn out. This needs to be performed to bring back the curb appeal of your garage door.

Are the expensive choices better?

Nowadays, overpricing has become a common practice for many stores or items. This also happens to garage doors, according to our experts. Following this trend, it does not necessarily mean “the more expensive the better.” The best thing to do is find one that fits your budget and your needs at the same time.

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