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Find out how to select new garage doors and how to solve issues, in these tips

Understanding raised-panel garage doors

Raised panel is one of the most common carriage door styles. This kind of door is the standard type and one that most people prefer. You can find raised-panel doors that are made of different materials. There are many options to choose from this class of door. Ask help from our specialists to guide you in choosing one.

Installing new garage door opener

The installation process of a garage door opener can take a while. If you are replacing one with a similar model, you may be able to use existing brackets. Apart from the fact that you do not need to buy more materials, you could also make it open or close faster than it was before.

Perform an annual maintenance on your garage door opener

You should perform an annual inspection and follow a maintenance procedure for your door to make sure it is functioning well. Clean all the tracks and lubricate all moving parts using the right solution. Check all the bolts and change the batteries. If there are complex problems noted during annual maintenance, let our professionals at garage door repair Tenafly check the door and fix the problem.

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