Proper Care for Garage Door Cables

Proper Care for Garage Door Cables

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Each and every one of your garage door parts requires effective maintenance. This is essential for keeping the door safe, secure and smoothly operating. The cables are some of the easiest components to take care of. At the same time, it is crucial that you do everything right.Proper Care for Garage Door Cables in New Jersey

Taking Good Care of Your Cables

The lift garage door cables are connected to the spring system via drums or pulleys and to the bottom of the door with the help of special brackets. As their name suggests, they are responsible for facilitating the lifting and lowering the door. That is why when the unit is in closed position, they are under great tension. Given this, they should be treated with great care. You should not touch them with bear hands.

These components do not require lubrication along their entire length. However, it is a good idea to add a little bit of lubricant at the cable section around the bottom bracket button. This will reduce the friction and help to extend the useful life of these hardware parts. Usually, there is no need for cleaning the cables before lubrication. Still, you can brush them a bit with soft cloth. You must not rub them, however, like you do with garage door tracks and other stationary components.

The choice of lubricant depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer. Usually, light household oil will do a fantastic job. You should apply a fairly small amount of the product and spread it with a brush if needed. Let the door perform one or two cycles to confirm that the product is fully spread. This is an essential part of lubrication maintenance.

Inspection is the most important part of the maintenance for lift cables. You should start from the bottom end and follow them all the way to the top one. Keep in mind that when extension springs are used each cable is typically secured to a clip attached to the track. You should check the condition of the section around the clip as well. Look closely for fraying and for minor cuts. You can use a magnifying glass if needed. If you notice any of these problems, you must opt for timely replacement. Otherwise, the cable can get easily snapped and block the overhead door's movement.

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